‘Find something that makes you smile’: North Carolina man getting a lot of attention for ‘boatercycle’


DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) – Mechanic C.J. Surratt is getting a lot of attention these days with his newest creation: a scooter dressed like a Sea-Doo.

“It’s a boater cycle,” Surratt said. “It does not go on water. It will not float anymore.”

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He got the idea from a video his kids found on TikTok.

“It’s a legal scooter with a body it,” he said. “I put a jet ski body on it. I use hand signals and got a brake light.”

Surratt built the boatercycle just for fun and to get his wife to enjoy riding and his kids involved in building it.

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“I gave my kids a screwdriver and said, ‘hey take the body off this scooter.’ They had some fun with it and learned,” he said.

He reminds people this is all just for fun.

“Life’s tough. You just have to find something that makes you smile,” he said. “I like scooters. They make me smile.”


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