Fee waived for Kansas City, Missouri, homeowners who drop off storm debris


KANAS CITY, Mo. — High wind and thunderstorms tore through the metro last week, leaving behind a mess for some homeowners.

Kansas City’s Public Works Department is making it easier for owners to clean up storm damage on their property.

People who live in Kansas City, Missouri, can drop off leaf and brush at one of the city’s three locations. All fees are waived through August 28 for homeowners. Companies that drop off debris will be charged a fee. The sites are open Monday — Saturday at the following locations:

11660 N. Main Street (NE corner of Northeast Cookingham Drive and North Main Street) 
1815 N. Chouteau Trafficway 
10301 Raytown Road 

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You will need to show an ID with a Kansas City, Missouri, address to have the fee waived. People who do not live in the city can also drop off debris at the sites, but will be charged.

This is only for debris such as tree limbs, leaves and yard waste. Other trash is not accepted.


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