Clean up begins for communities devastated by strong storms in south Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Some neighbors in south Charlotte are bracing for the worst and praying for the best as more storms are expected throughout the week.

One local non-profit is still cleaning up after heavy flooding hit their area. Laura Reynolds and her dog Bow were out observing the damage near Sharon Road West. Heavy wind and rain snapped trees in two and uprooted others along Knights Bridge Road.

“The wind was whipping, the hail was coming down,” Reynolds said. “Walking around and seeing all the limbs down all over the place is amazing, it’s just very strange.”

‘It looks like a tornado.’ Dangerous storms snap and uproot trees in south Charlotte

It’s strange because whatever came through only damaged their area.

“It wasn’t comical, but it was really amazing to watch. And then as we got down here and saw the trees, we just had to turn around,” Reynolds said. Christy Baker works at Hope Haven.

They provide programs and resources like rooms to people and families with substance abuse problems. Right now some of their ground floor rooms are airing out after a storm caused heavy flooding in the area earlier this week.

“75% of our ground floor rooms were impacted by floodwaters. 50% of those rooms are considered a complete loss of meaning flooring, drywall, personal belongings were completely ruined.” Baker said. “Being in a community that is experiencing a significant surge in COVID cases. You know, we, we don’t have any more space to put anyone.”

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More than 50 ground floor rooms are completely damaged and four of their buildings with rooms are completely occupied including ones they use to quarantine people. Items like kid’s toys, couches, and personal items are now ruined. More storms are expected throughout the week as clean-up continues.

“We are certainly praying that we are not going to experience any significant rainfall,” Baker said. “Having, a significant number of rooms being completely unusable is a real challenge.”

Neighbors were without power for several hours after the storm hit. If you are interested in helping Hope Haven click here.

They have set up a special flood relief fund that people can donate to on the group’s website. Lowes’s gave the group a $20,000 donation and $20,000 in gift cards for them to use. Lowe’s also promised to complete all the skilled labor that’s needed when they start to renovate the damaged rooms.


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