Charlotte man fears for family’s safety in Afghanistan


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A local Afghan who helped the U.S. government is in Charlotte watching helplessly as things unfold in Afghanistan.

He now fears for his family and others still in the war-torn country.

The man, who asked FOX 46 to conceal his identity, is sending pictures of his family to U.S. officials in hopes they will help rescue them.

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“Yeah, I haven’t slept in two weeks,” he told FOX 46. “You have no sleep. We’re all thinking about our families they left down there.”

Now, his family, still in Afghanistan, is in grave danger. Since they never worked side-by-side with the U.S, they didn’t get visas as he did.

“We will never forgive ourselves if anything happens to our families,” he said as he started to choke up.

Taliban sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses

The man says the Taliban has threatened his family in the past to turn him in. Now, they’re among so many trying to flee the country.

“My family right now, they’re hiding from one place to another place and they don’t know what will happen with them,” he said.

Afghan Nationals who helped as interpreters are enemies of the terrorist group. This Charlotte man’s worst fear is what is likely to happen when outside forces leave the country.

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“They’re all targets,” he said. “They will be tortured. They will be tortured.”

As he sits in the United States helplessly watching, his message to President Biden is clear, “They fought for you guys and you guys gave them the promise,” he said, “and you guys are leaving them behind right now, and it will stay in the history of the United States and nobody will forget.”

A representative with Thom Tillis’ office confirmed to FOX 46 their office is in contact with multiple families in North Carolina to help evacuate those in grave danger from Afghanistan.

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