After frustrating 18 months, Lowe’s finally finishes kitchen renovation for Matthews family


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Dustin Bealby’s story is something that could frustrate anyone wanting to get a home project completed. When FOX 46 initially spoke to him in April, he had waited 14 months for a kitchen project he had financed through Lowe’s.

The $20,000 cost, he said, was to cover everything–parts and installation. 

14 months later, Matthews man says Lowe’s still hasn’t finished $20K kitchen remodel

What he did not expect was a wait over a year for the project to be done. In the time during his wait, he and his wife got pregnant, had the child, and that child is now six months old.

Bealby said the project was completed just a little over a week ago.

“It could’ve been so simple, but you actually had to walk them through the process,” Bealby said.

Bealby said he bought the parts through Lowe’s in Indian Land right before the pandemic started. Once restrictions began, he said there was an understandable delay, but that delay started to get longer and longer over time.

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When FOX 46 did the initial story with Bealby in April, he said Lowe’s reached out to him, but the problems didn’t end.

Lowe’s, at the time, in a statement through a spokesperson, said, “our team is actively working with the customer to solve this incident.  We are expediting (Mr. Bealby’s) kitchen install and hope to have a resolution soon.”

Bealby said he had been promised what was called a ‘white glove service’ for the remaining parts to his kitchen, but a number of items that arrived at his home still had issues.

“It actually did wind up arriving damaged six weeks later,” he said.  “(The installers) realized just as they were about to hand it that it was the wrong color.”

Ultimately, it took a few more weeks to get everything re-painted and back in, though there are still tell-tale signs of holes, chalk marks, and pieces of wood that are out of place.

Since the story’s initial airing, Bealby said a number of people reached out to him regarding his issues, expressing similar frustration with their own projects that are facing similar delays.  He’s advised them on steps towards getting their own projects completed.

On the experience with Lowes, Bealby said, “the most frustrating part was not feeling heard.”

In an updated statement to FOX 46 of Bealby’s case, “Mr. Bealby’s kitchen install is now completed and the customer is happy with the final product. Our customer service team is working through the compensation piece with the customer and should reach resolution (as soon as possible).”


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