To mask or not to mask? Mecklenburg County leaders could decide Monday


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – The Mecklenburg County COVID-19 Policy Group could recommend reinstating the mask mandate. Health officials say it helps to slow the spread of the virus.

Durham County and Wake County along with Boone have already brought back their mask mandates and some people are worrying it may soon happen in Charlotte, too.

Martha, who chose not to share her last name, says the decision to mask up should be left up to her and not local leaders.

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“I’m not going to put on a mask and I know quite a few people that are fighting against that,” Martha said. “We just need to really stand up and fight for our rights mandate or not. I know that I will not be wearing a mask. I might as well just stay home.”

City and county managers, health directors, and officials with local public health departments have been leading the charge in the fight against COVID in Mecklenburg County and they are not elected officials. The meeting is closed to the public and FOX 46 and other media outlets sent a letter to local leaders demanding answers and asking why.

Chris Wilcox says he wants to see the number of cases go down and if takes masking up he’s for it, the group meeting behind closed doors isn’t an issue either.

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“It doesn’t matter to me, but I can imagine they’ll take heat for it because somebody will be like, what’s going on back there? And why can’t you tell us?” Wilcox said.

Right now, health officials continue to warn of the increase in COVID cases with the delta variant being the most contagious and widespread. Only 55 percent of residents in the county are at least partially vaccinated.

“I think the mask is a small thing to do to keep everybody safe, and they keep our kids in school, and they keep us going to work and all that,” Wilcox said.

Right now, some businesses in Charlotte have already implemented safety measures. Discovery Place Museums are requiring masks inside. The Evening Muse in NoDa is asking for proof of vaccination or a recent COVID-19 test result before you go in.

A news conference with a decision from the group is set for Monday at 2:30 PM.


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