Newsfeed Now: Pres. Biden faces backlash after Taliban retakes Afghanistan; Mom accused of abusing kids, calling them ‘demons and robots’


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(NEXSTAR) – The Biden administration is facing a swarm of backlash after Taliban fighters successfully captured the Afghanistan capital of Kabul yesterday.

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An Oklahoma mom has been arrested and now faces child abuse charges after authorities found several children living in a three-bedroom apartment with over three dozen dogs. The mom allegedly called the kids demons and robots.

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More people are claiming religious exemptions as a reason for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

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A mother of two small children says Frontier Airlines made her feel like a criminal because her toddler would not wear his mask aboard a flight from Denver to Austin.

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Three brothers have died after falling into a manure pit. Ohio authorities say it happened during a farming accident Tuesday afternoon. It’s not clear how the men got stuck in the pit or how long they were in there. The cause of the tragic accident is still under investigation.

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A feeding frenzy is underway in Colorado as bears begin stocking up for hibernation.

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The first confirmed Asian giant hornet, also known as the “murder hornet” has been spotted this year in Washington.

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The extreme heat can be dangerous for anyone working outside and that includes high school sports practices. Coach and school officials around the country and in Ohio are keeping a close watch on the thermometer.

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