“Summerfest” helps kids all over the metro get ready to go back to school


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Public Schools “Summerfest” was very successful on Saturday as many kids in the metro area received help before the school year began.

“Summerfest” is a chance for kids in under-served communities to get the supplies they need for back to school, as well as health screenings and checkups.

Kansas City Public Schools Director Nicole White said that the hope is to make everyone feel included.

“We want to remove all the barriers… Supplies are expensive, and it takes time to get those appointments together, so if we can get all those families together in a one stop shop, we’re doing our job,” White said.

The health screenings help out many families. They’ve been considered especially helpful to young athletes whose families may not have the funds to get health screenings before their season starts.

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Kevin Donnelly said this is a great event for many.

“A lot of these kids don’t have access to these resources, so this is an absolute bonus,” Donnelly said.

For Briona Hill, this event had extra meaning. This is her first year teaching in the Kansas City Public School District. But she says Back to School is her favorite time of the year.

“Behind the scene events have been my favorite part of teaching,” Hill said. “Anytime I can get into the community and be with my students… that’s the best thing. Our best role is to be involved in the community and do everything we can to be apart of the growth – so it’s my favorite time of the year.”


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