Dangerous storms snap, uproot trees in south Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Heavy wind and rain caused trees and power lines to fall in Charlotte on Saturday afternoon. CMPD blocked a portion of Sharon Road West because of it.

Jessica Noble and her boyfriend Chris Cureton were surprised to see so many trees uprooted and snapped in half. They were out accessing the damage when it was over.

Some neighbors are without power on Sharon Road NW. Trees and power lines are down after storms moved through the area. pic.twitter.com/RYIiWmdlza

— Jamal Goss (@GossJamalFox46) August 15, 2021

“It looks like a tornado or hurricane came through,” Noble said. “My friend lives here and we were making sure he was okay.”

Clouds, storms and rain expected throughout week from effects of Grace & Fred

Cureton says he heard loud booms while he was working from home along with hail and howling from the wind. Right now, he’s praying that his neighbors are okay.

“Definitely hope nobody’s hurt. I kept hearing sirens the whole time and I didn’t know if they were responding to trees down or car accidents,” Cureton said.

Stu Teal was also inside his home when the storm passed through. It damaged several cars near Landon Apartments. His car almost got hit by a tree.

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“I was terribly scared I was going from the back to the front looking around and then I was literally at the back because there are bigger trees back there,” Teal said. “I really feel like it was just microcells microcell that formed right over our neighborhood and just almost maybe like a tornado but we got power lines down trees everywhere.”

As crews work to restore power Teal says the community is working to clean up.

“We’ve been cutting trees and we’ve already cut it down and moved the limbs the community has come together,” Teal said.

According to the Duke Energy outage map, more than 500 customers were without power for about four hours.


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