Hairstyles Protected by “Jett’s Law”



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WEEK – (CHICAGO) School uniforms and dress codes can no longer restrict hairstyles linked by history to race or ethnicity, under a new law signed by Governor JB Pritzker Friday.

It’s known as the “Jett Hawkins law”, named for a boy who, at age 4, was told his braids violated a Chicago dress code.

His law now requires the state board of education to come up with resources – posted on it’s website – for administrators about hairstyles such as beads, locks, twists and braids that are now protected.

“I know from my own childhood what it’s like to be regularly belittled, humiliated, isolated, and shamed by adults in the school setting. And it’s something that we can no longer accept in Illinois,” said Sen. Mike Simmons, (D- Chicago).

State senator Simmons encouraged the crowd to “rise up youth, walk in your power and show the world what you’re about”.

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