Frustration grows over Concord Mills flyover construction delays, officials say relief in sight


CONCORD, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Drivers on Concord Mills Boulevard are fed up with congestion and construction barrels around Concord Mills Mall. The traffic nightmare is being fueled by a years-long flyover project near the busy mall’s Gate Five entrance.

Construction on the bridge started in 2018. The North Carolina Department of Transportation said the project was supposed to be completed in two years, but utility coordination and right-of-way acquisition issues forced delays.

Resident Engineer Christopher Fine said none of the delays were related to the pandemic.

“Crews are out here every day during the day. Not normally during nighttime hours, but they’re here during the day,” he said.

Several people near the shopping center mentioned they often do not see crews working on the bridge. Fine said it’s often difficult to see construction workers on top of the bridge from down below.

Despite the frustration, shoppers like Jony Truelove know sometimes things must get worse before they get better.

“You don’t get new construction unless you stop traffic, and no one is going to stop their conveniences for that bridge,” he said.

The goal of the flyover is to get traffic off Concord Mills Blvd. and into Gate Five of the mall.

Fine says once the construction is complete, there will be a noticeable difference in traffic in the area. For now, he’s just asking people to remain patient and expects the bridge to open before the holiday shopping season begins.

“I think it’s just a work in progress. It’ll be coming this holiday season. They’ll be pleased with the project as a whole,” said Fine.


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