EPIC Supports Disabled Teens During Mask Mandate for Students

Peoria- (WEEK) – EPIC is an organization that has been supporting the community for the past seventy years. There are several services offered through EPIC one being education. EPIC works in partnership with nine high schools in the Peoria area to assist teens with learning and experiences. The education program begins accepting students from the age of four-teen and through their transition into adulthood. Mask mandates are increasing with students returning to school. The Illinois Department of Public Health has issues exceptions to students who cannot medically tolerate wearing a mask. Those students having breathing problems while stationery and individuals having disabilities per written expectations from a medical provider will be subject to reasonable accommodations. While EPIC reinstated their mask policy weeks ago the students have quickly adjusted back to wearing mask. Ashley Schreck, Director of Marketing for EPIC says ” people with disabilities they have so many issues and so many things their dealing with mask is literally one of the least of [our] problems. You’ll walk down the hall, and they’ll tell you if you’re wearing it wrong.” Ultimately EPIC is working to keep the participating students safe because they’re more vulnerable having exiting conditions. By wearing mask and have a 98 percent vaccination rate among staff and students EPIC believes there on the right path.

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