‘Thought a bomb went off.’ Storm knocks down large tree, creates hole in roof of north Charlotte home


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – There’s a reason why Tim Chialastri and his wife bought their home in North Charlotte. The trees.

“I kind of look at them, they’re beautiful and I love it, but I just don’t want another one to fall on my house,” said Tim.

That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night.

“The tree came from this side here,” said Tim, pointing to the side of the house. “Then it fell through the roof where the blue tarp is.”

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Tim said, his kids were playing in the living room at the time. The living room is right beneath the hole in his roof. He said, the noise was so loud, the kids thought a bomb went off.

“Everybody was okay, that was the most important thing,” said Tim. “A few hours later, you start to figure out, how do we clean this up?”

Tim said, once they all were in a safer spot in the house, they had to just watch as the rain kept coming.

“I wanted it to stop, I was like, please let it stop,” said Tim.

Highs stay in the 90s with pop-up storms Friday as Tropical Depression Fred draws closer to U.S.

This isn’t the first time Tim’s dealt with tree damage.

“We did have a tree from my neighbor’s house fall on my car about five months ago,” said Tim.

Now, the tarp on his house mirrors his neighbors. Tim said, it was time to get to work before the storms come in on Thursday.

“You love your home. You know you get attached to it, we’ve been here for a while now. This is our first house we’ve purchased, it’s just unfortunate,” said Tim.

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