StarMed offering Emergency-Use Authorized COVID-19 treatment, used on former President Trump last fall


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – StarMed is offering an Emergency-Use Authorized COVID-19 treatment, that’s normally used in hospitals.

The provider’s Central Ave. location in Charlotte will be able to offer the Monoclonal Antibody Therapy option in the clinical setting. The therapy was used on former President Trump last fall.

StarMed Healthcare CEO, Mike Estramonte explains how the therapy works.

“They are laboratory-made antibody proteins and basically, they help people who are not quite having the immune response to an infection,” he said.

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The treatment is open for people who aren’t vaccinated and test positive or are exposed to the virus, but it can also be used on people who aren’t mounting enough immune response.

“They’ve actually shown in the hospitals that it decreases your mortality rate by 20%, if given at the right time,” Estramonte said, “If you’re giving it for exposure, there’s a 93% chance you’re not even going to have symptoms.”

You can read more about the therapy and sign up here.

Starmed reported that they have about 100 doses available for the next few days and are expecting more from the state. Estramonte said they had 28 patients signed up on Thursday and added that they can treat between 30 and 40 people a day.

If you’re COVID-positive, the infusion therapy takes a little over 20 minutes, and patients will need to stick around the clinic for an hour afterwards to be monitored for any side-effects.

Patients interested in the therapy can sign up on the StarMed website and they will each be reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer to determine eligibility.

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StarMed is making it very clear though, that the therapy is not a replacement for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Estramonte said he is happy they’re able to bring this option to the Charlotte area and hopes it’ll help overwhelmed hospitals.

“Even if we could just make a 10% dent, I know that that would be impactful,” he said.

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy is only being offered at the StarMed clinic at 5344 Central Ave. Suite B.

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