Kansas City area health officials explain best types of masks for kids in the classroom


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With expanded mask mandates for children across the metro, parents are searching for the best mask for young children.

While cloth masks are recommended, doctors say they are not all made equal.

“There are differences in masks. There isn’t really any good guidelines out there for cloth masks, but the tighter the weave, generally, the better the mask is going to be,” said Director of Infection Prevention at St. Luke’s Health System Dr. Ginny Boos.

Experts say the best mask for your child is one that is comfortable enough to wear all day.

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You can check the quality and effectiveness of cloth masks by holding them up to the sun, if it’s too thin, light can get through, along with air particles.

“If you can see through it, it’s probably not going to work. They are not going to need something like a respirator level mask, the big thing is making sure it covers their nose and their mouth and to have something that is comfortable,” Boos said.

Boos said she recommends disposable masks if you are not able to clean cloth masks daily.

Jerrica McCune, the mother of a 4-year-old tells FOX4 Disney store brand masks have been successful with her daughter.

“Stretchy, always stretchy. When we went to Disney for nine days, she didn’t have a problem wearing it, didn’t hurt her ears, nothing like that,” McCune said. She’s done really great, she never complains about having to wear a mask.”

Doctors also recommends following basic CDC guidelines of frequent hand washing and sanitizing to maximize prevention of viruses along with mask wearing.

Other things to consider are adjustable ear straps, how the mask contours around the nose to stay in place.

Another tip, pack extra masks in school bags.

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