Peoria homes featured on HGTV’s ‘Cheap Old Houses’


PEORIA (WEEK) — One Peoria woman’s love for restoring old homes was showcased on a national TV network.

Reagan Leslie bought her home on Moss Avenue to restore it five years ago. She said it was the reason she moved to Peoria.

When she was approached about featuring her home on the HGTV show “Cheap Old Houses” she said she could not believe it.

The show highlights people who buy old homes for cheap and restore them in a more modern way.

Dozens of her friends and family gathered Monday night to watch her 100-year-old home on the show.

She said the show allowed Peorian’s to see the history in the home she loves so much.

“Ever since I was a child I just was attached to them and appreciated them as kind of works of arts,” Leslie continued, “It was important to me to save as many as I could.”

Leslie owns Leslie Taylor Design where she helps her clients bring in their modern taste, while preserving older homes.

She said she was going to continue to work on preserving more houses in the area.

Two other homes not owned by Leslie were also featured on the episode.

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