Newsfeed Now: Department of Defense seeks to implement COVID vaccine mandate for active-duty military; 2-year-old accidentally kills father


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(NEXSTAR) – The Department of Defense is moving to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for active-duty military.

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As more COVID vaccine requirements grow across the nation, so do the number of fake vaccination cards. It’s a big problem as summer ends and thousands head back to college.

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If you covid isn’t going around your office the sniffles probably are these days. A doctor in New York is warning about a common cold resurgence, and he believes it’s about to get even worse as kids go back to school and daycare.

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A North Carolina police department is investigating a shooting that left a father dead, accidentally killed by his 2-year-old son.

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North Carolina parents say their third-grade daughter was put in a school’s closet 24 times as a disciplinary measure. They sued the school district and the judge ruled in their favor.

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A woman says she left her dog in a hot car to punish him the pit bull died.

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A Colorado sheriff’s office is issuing a warning after a mama bear got trapped in a vehicle and destroyed it, saying the damage shows why it’s not a good reason to leave food in your vehicle.

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A tractor-trailer full of pigs rolled over tying up traffic in Missouri. The truck overturned on the ramp from 270 south to 40 west over the weekend, but no injuries were reported.

Many of the pigs got loose and roamed along the roadway and ventured into the grass as first responders closed off the ramp and attempted to corral the animals. After the pigs have been collected, the overturned truck was positioned back upright Missouri State Highway Patrol officials say the highway was expected to be closed for about four hours.

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