Manito superintendent clarifies position on masking in schools



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MANITO (WEEK) — A local superintendent is finding himself in the middle of a debate he says he didn’t mean to wade into; masks and vaccines in schools.

In a letter sent last week, Midwest Central CUSD #191 Superintendent Todd Hellrigel took issue with Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s mask mandate for Illinois schools.

In specific, Hellrigel’s letter bashes how the order takes away local control from districts. He also criticizes Governor Pritzker, saying he “repeadedly lied” to the public and encourages people to call the Governor and other state officials with their concerns.

Hellrigel believes Governor Pritzker flip-flopped on guidance after previously telling school districts they would have local control on mask policy this Fall.. However, he maintains his letter was not meant as a political statement.

“My intention was not to make a political statement but to provide our families with the contacts they needed to express their opinions to those that can make a change,” Hellrigel said.

The Superintendent says the district is now adjusting its back-to-school plan to fall in line with the governor’s order. He says the letter was his way of advocating for his community.

“We’re trying to demonstrate to our parents and our community that we’re trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible, but we have been put in a position that has not allowed us to do so,” Hellrigel said.

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