Large development with school and housing proposed near Ardrey Kell HS


SOUTH CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – One of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Charlotte could soon be expanding.

Robert Chetty has lived in South Charlotte, just up the road from Ardrey Kell High School for two decades.

“It has developed very quickly, and I never envisioned that when I moved here,” he said.

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Just over the tree line from his neighborhood is a 36-acre lot with a single concrete road splitting it in half.

Back in June, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and developer Woodfield Development filed proposed plans with the City of Charlotte.

The plans include an elementary school on one side, and the other half devotes it to a residential community with no more than 475 units, including affordable housing.

“They are really good schools. They have really good teachers and that’s why people move down here,” community member Kevin Ohaver said.

Ohaver says he is on board with the new elementary school but worries more housing will clog up already congested roads.

“Around this time, noon and then through rush hour, you cannot turn left onto Ardrey Road from here unless you want to wait for five, 10 minutes,” Ohaver said.

A petition against the residential development has nearly 900 signatures online.

“That’s just too many people, too many cars, too much traffic, it’s just already very bad,” Chetty said.

“I have no problem with development because development is important… people want to move here, that’s fine just the city needs to build the infrastructure to handle the traffic and handle the people and they have not done that thus far, and you can tell just by traffic and everything else around here.  It’s very difficult,” Ohaver said.


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