Back 2 School Illinois gives school supplies to U.S. Armed Forces families


PEORIA, Ill (WEEK) – Back to school time began and everyone was getting ready for the new semester.

School supplies can be essential for every student to feel prepared for the year to come.

Not all students had the option of getting brand new supplies each year. Back 2 school Illinois partnered with Operation Homefront and made sure children with parents that served in the U.S. Armed Forces got a sense of preparedness.

“Education is the cornerstone of our society and it’s essential that kids have the tools that they need but also the self-esteem component to make sure that a kid feels prepared to go to school and to learn,” Matthew Kurtzman, CEO for Back 2 School Illinois.

The program offered, pens, pencil, notebooks, folders, glue and anything else a child could need. For the people that this event helped, it was more than just pencils and paper, it was confidence for the new school year to come.

The Clare family were happy to grab supplies for their twins who were headed to third grade.

“This is wonderful. We just thought it’d be like a few things and then they said oh go get more. This is amazing,” Tech Sgt. Amanda Clare said.

It wasn’t just parents who took this opportunity to get supplies school teachers were able to get supplies that helpeld out their classrooms.

“I know I can speak for a lot of teachers. If we run out of supplies we oftentimes have to purchase those ourselves, so it’s really cool that I can supply. For instance I just grabbed some pencils, because we use a lot of those in band and you’d be surprised how many kids don’t have pencils,” Airman 1st class Stevan Roose said.

Event staff made sure everyone left with more than enough supplies.

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