Hospitalized Tennessee man urges others to get COVID-19 vaccine


BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) — Travis Campbell has been hospitalized at Bristol Regional Medical Center battling COVID-19 for two weeks.

“I’m fighting for every breath — hanging on by a thread — but it’s a pretty good little thread I think,” Campbell said.

Campbell and his wife Kellie have been documenting the fight with COVID-19, posting videos on social media that they say have reached thousands of people, from Africa to Australia.

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“I just want everyone to clearly understand that if you don’t get vaccinated, the chances of you dying are through the roof,” Campbell said.

He calls the frontline healthcare workers heroes and says the treatment he is receiving is “the best in the world.”

“They work with me non-stop when I was looking in their eyes, how tired they were, and how hard they work and they’re understaffed, they’re having to bring in other staff, they’re the greatest heroes that’s ever walked the face of this earth,” Campbell said.

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Kellie Campbell and one of her sons are getting vaccinated Friday.

Overall, this is the message he wants to share:

“If they only had a clue what half of this was, there’s not a way in anyone’s right mind, they wouldn’t run and get a vaccination,” Travis Campbell said.

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