Leaving a mark at Newman Golf Course


PEORIA (WEEK) — An old tree is getting a new look at Newman Golf Course.

It’s part of the tree carving project. an idea by the Peoria Park District Golf Advisory Committee.

The committee is working to create a carving in one of the large oak trees near the practice green.

Local carver, Tim Gill will be responsible for the artwork. The PPD logo will be carved into the tree and “EST 1894” below the logo.

Emily Cahill with the Peoria Park District said there are hundreds of trees at Newman, and this tree was perfect for public art.

“Over the last several years, a loss of a lot of trees on Peoria Park District golf courses, as we have monitored that and we have talked with our golf committee, they said you know what, let’s celebrate these trees before they all go away. So we found this tree here at Newman Park that we think is a perfect fit for public art,” she said.

The project will cost $3,000.

If you would like to donate, visit PeoriaParks.org/donations

Or contact Jocelyn McDowell at 309-681-2861.

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