New SC law forces slow drivers to be in the right lane


S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Slow drivers in South Carolina will soon be told to speed up or switch lanes.

The state’s new “slowpoke” law, which fines drivers $25 for holding up traffic in the left lane of the highway, takes effect August 15.

When drivers cross the state line on I-77 they’re greeted by two signs. An electric sign warning of the upcoming law and a permanent sign that will be placed every 35 miles across the state.

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“I heard it’s called the cruising lane? No! There’s a passing lane and a slow lane,” said Ryan Perz, who was driving with his family back home to Columbia.

There are exceptions to the new law.

If there’s heavy rain or heavy traffic that prevents you from changing lanes, that is ok.

Drivers who are driving in the left lane but aren’t impeding traffic will also get a pass. Otherwise, the state is asking you to move over to the right.

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“It’s kind of annoying, but when you get to rush hour traffic, (slow drivers) are kind of a thing,” said Griff O’Donnell.

So how slow is too slow? The new law doesn’t specify. Instead, it will be up to the discretion of law enforcement.

While many drivers are applauding the new law, we did find one who said he likes to take things slow on the road.

“I used to be a fast driver and I hated slow drivers,” said Peter Mikos. “But now I’m a slow driver and I hate fast drivers.”


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