Community reacts to Gov. Pritzker’s mask requirements


PEORIA, IL (WEEK) – On Tuesday, Peoria Heights Schools announced that masks would be optional inside schools. That decision was changed do to Governor Pritzker’s announcement on Wednesday.

Pritzker stated that all K-12 students in Illinois schools and day cares would be required to wear masks.

The public opinion on this choice varied. 

Heart of Illinois spoke with a grandmother who said that masks should stay optional because it is a personal decision that should be personal. 

On the other side, a 7th grade science teacher said she would staple masks on her students if she had to, to keep them safe.

“I’ve taught in person, I’ve taught online, I’ve taught while they are online and in person at the same time; being in school is better. I like the mentality of our district which is that the goal is to avoid them being in quarantine, ” the 7th grade teacher joked.

Students at Morton High School weighed in on the mask conversation.

Olivia Tewell said she didn’t mind them, but her friend Lucy Hancock said she actually liked wearing masks. They both agreed that masks are necessary in schools.

“I think it’s probably a good idea so it doesn’t spread more. I feel like if there’s something we can do then we should do it because lots of people are dying,” Tewell said.

The school district said they are rule followers and their first mandate centered around the CDC guidelines, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Board of Education, and the Peoria County Health Department. 

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