$7 million plan approved to develop old Eastland Mall site


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — Could this be the time something actually gets developed on the site of the old Eastland Mall? After years of sitting empty, Mecklenburg County Commissioners approved $7 million to redevelop the site.

Soccer fields, affordable housing, business space, and more are planned for the currently deserted public land.

Community members say this project is long overdue, after drugs, prostitution, and illegal parking has plagued the location for years.

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“Getting this place starting to be redeveloped is going to be tremendous on this site alone, but also with the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Carolyn Millen, President of the Eastway Park Neighborhood Association.

Millen wants to bring East Charlotte back to life and believes this development will help do so.

“I think the County Commissioners did what they needed to do, I was very proud of them,” she said. “All they were doing last night was making sure that us as the taxpayers, and especially us on the east side, were getting everything that we were asking for when this was approved by the city.”

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Commissioner Mark Jerrell, who was instrumental in the agreement between the County and developers, said there are only a few more tweaks to be made to ensure proper public use.

“We want to make sure that there’s public access to those fields as public dollars are being invested to, we want to make sure that small businesses have the opportunity and are not displaced,” Jerrell said.

Another neighborhood association president nearby, Bobby Almond, said after waiting so many years for this spot to get developed, she’ll believe it when she sees it.

“I’m just ready for them to get their shovel in the ground,” Almond said.


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