‘Mothers Against Guns’ hit the street


PEORA (WEEK) — Peoria mothers took the streets on Saturday to demand an end to gun violence in the River City. Dozens of people marched for the same cause, after a year of that has already had more than 20 homicides.

The group, Mothers Against Guns is speaking up, directing their message of “put the guns down’ at their children, the youth of Peoria. Tonya Williams, the organizer of the march, said people do not seem to comprehend the gravity of their actions when they shoot someone.

“It doesn’t have to result in that, I mean not only are you taking a life, you’re taking your own life, because if something happens and you get caught, then you’re giving your life away. You have to know that behind you pulling that trigger, you’re hurting more than just that person you’re aiming to hurt,” she said.

Marchers walked from the Carver Center on Richard Pryor Place all the way to the Logan Center on South Livingston. Organizers hope people will see and hear their message and finally understand the damage violence has caused.

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