WALLS OF HOPE: Woman gives out essentials to those in need across U.S.; arrives in North Carolina


(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A woman from Ohio is traveling across the nation to put up ‘Walls of Hope.’ She’s hoping the gesture shows those who are having a hard time that someone cares.

For Holly Jackson all it takes is a zip tie, a plastic bag of toiletries, and a lot of love. She says the bags are for anyone in need because at one time she needed a bag.

“At one point in time I was homeless due to a domestic violence situation,” Jackson said, who is the founder of Walls of Love. “I’ve always volunteered over the years but in 2018 I started doing this as a fun project.”

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The fun project turned into a non-profit. Each bag holds a variety of items, you take the bag, and the zip tie remains. Holly only attaches the bags and then she leaves as well because she doesn’t want anyone to be embarrassed for taking a bag. A lesson she learned during the pandemic

“Previously people did a lot of judgements and stigmas of people who are homeless,” added Jackson. “My bags are not just for the homeless, they’re just for people who are having a hard time.”

So far, she has set up these types of walls over 900 times in 20 different states. One person didn’t take a bag, he just donated to someone paying it forward.

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The goal is to have volunteers and help in every state because everyone needs a little help now and then.

“It costs zero dollars to be kind,” Jackson said. “It costs zero dollars to put love out into the community. There’s so much negativity a lot of times that it is fun to be able to focus and bring love to the city here.

Now the zip ties and sign doesn’t stay on the gate. Once everything is gone, Holly has a friend that comes by, cuts all the zip ties, and removes the sign until the next time.  

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