Pizza Hut Japan offering ‘Decathlon Pizza’ with 10 types of meat during the Tokyo Olympics


(NEXSTAR) – For some, the Olympics are an inspiration — a showcase of the resilience and strength of the human spirit, and a reminder to strive for excellence in all areas of achievement.

For others, it’s an excuse to put 10 different types of meats on a pizza.

In honor of the Tokyo Olympics, Pizza Hut Japan has debuted a “Decathlon Pizza of Meat” designed to be eaten while watching the world’s foremost athletes at the highest level of competition.

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“Each ingredient exerts its own power,” states Pizza Hut Japan, who also assigned such qualities as “stamina” and “toughness” to meaty toppings including char-grilled beef and sausage, respectively. Altogether, the 10 ingredients are said to be showcasing “outstanding teamwork” atop Pizza Hut Japan’s latest culinary creation.


おうちでのスポーツ観戦に完全集中できる#ピザハット の「スポーツ観戦パック」提供開始!

✅コカ・コーラ2本 無料
✅デリバリー料金 無料


— ピザハット (@Pizza_Hut_Japan) July 22, 2021

The complete list of toppings (according to a translation of Pizza Hut Japan’s website) include: pepperoni, “rough sliced” sausage, Italian sausage, bacon, Iberian thick-sliced bacon, aged bacon, charcoal-grilled beef ribs, bulgogi, teriyaki chicken and pulled pork.

The limited-time offering is available at participating Pizza Hut locations in Japan through Aug. 9, according to the website. Prices start at 1,450 Japanese yen (roughly $13.25) for medium takeout orders or 2,250 yen ($20.50) for a large.

Olympians at Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic Village, meanwhile, will likely not be able to taste the “Decathlon Pizza of Meat” during this year’s Summer Games, as athletes are only allowed to leave their accommodations to visit “official Games venues” or previously approved destinations, according to this year’s IOC Playbook. Athletes staying outside of the Olympic Village, on the other hand, are permitted to have food delivered to their accommodations.


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