‘It’s horrible.’ Bags of trash pile up for weeks at Rock Hill apartment complex


ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE0) – A pile of garbage, that’s what one South Carolina apartment complex is dealing with.

The community says the trash has been building up at Deerfield Run Apartments in Rock Hill for some time. One of the residents living there tells FOX 46 she’s tired of having to go through this.

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She told FOX 46 she’s tried to contact management but she feels like no one cares. When asked to describe the conditions on a scale of one to ten, she said one.

This is the result of three week’s worth of trash that residents say their apartment complex management has neglected to pick up.

Deerfield Run Apartments in Rock Hill

“A lot of the residents still have trash inside of their homes because there was absolutely no where to put the trash,” Aundrea Belton explained. 

Belton says the piled-up trash has caused a bug problem.

“And not just that,” Belton said. “Just like the smell, it’s hot outside, So the food and the rotten of everything, you can just smell it, it’s horrible.”

One woman who didn’t want to be named or go on camera says this isn’t the first time its happened. She showed FOX 46 several emails she sent to the owner about it dating back to February.

“I call them frequently throughout the day,” Belton continued.

And with no response in more than two weeks, she took to social media. Her post gained over 40 shares.

Social Media Post

“Today, when I did put the post on Facebook, someone did come to remove the trash but not all of it,” she claimed. That’s not the only problem she’s run into at Deerfield.

“Okay, this is the AC unit that I had to purchase because I have no air,” Belton said. 

She says her AC has been out for two weeks. Other residents have had to do the same thing.

“It feels like 110, it’s literally unbearable. I have even tried to put a fan in the window and the fan blows out hot air because it’s still hot outside.”

But again, it wasn’t until she posted on Facebook that someone came out to look at the problem. But Belton says it shouldn’t take this long.

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“I’m angry, I’m angry about it because we are somebody. We need to be treated as we pay $700 or more here. It’s not cheap for us to live and the conditions that we are living in are just horrible.”

Other residents FOX 46 spoke to complained of sewage issues, appliances not being fixed in a timely manner, as well as excessive mold in the bathrooms.

They said that every single concern has been raised to management and nothing has been done about it.

FOX 46 attempted to contact Deerfield Apartments, as well as power properties, and the owner of the complex. So far, we have not received a response back.

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