NC father receives new-generation artificial heart, the first in North America


(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Harrisburg native has a new heart. Surgeons at Duke University Hospital were the first in North America to implant the new-generation artificial heart.

“I basically have eight batteries over here that keep me charged and ready to roll,” explained Matthew Moore.

“But he also can be plugged into the wall, there is an adapter,” said Rachel Moore, Matthew’s wife.

“I can also be plugged into the wall,” Matthew said.

You can call him the Bionic Man.

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Matthew Moore, who grew up in Harrisburg, is one of only 20 people in the world to have a new heart like his artificial one. Duke surgeons were the first in North America to implant this new generation artificial heart in Matthew just two and a half weeks ago.

“I don’t have a heart but I have a lot of heart and I constantly hear puppy dog sounds from this machine but it’s great, and I feel like it’s helped extend my life for sure,” said Matthew

Matthew’s heart was failing when he went to Duke. At the hospital, he went into cardiac arrest and had to be shocked 17 times.

“Kind of come back from the dead and then have a mechanical heart,” he said.

Doctors suggested that Matthew take part in a clinical trial for the artificial heart developed by CARMAT. Matthew has batteries to charge his heart. Its biological valves are made of tissue from a cow.

Matthew’s wife, who’s a nurse, got emotional as she spoke days after Matthew’s surgery.

“The time that I did have with him this morning I didn’t do anything but just stare at him because it’s a miracle he’s with us,” said Rachel Moore.

Matthew will get to hold his 3-year-old son Marshall for the first time in over a month on Matthew’s birthday, Friday.

“It means the world to me because my son is my motivation to be able to give him a good life and to let him see the things that he could potentially be,” said Matthew.

Matthew’s wife says there is another kind of artificial heart but surgeons said this one would give Matthew a lesser chance of developing clots and having a stroke.

Matthew is doing well since his surgery, but his new heart is only meant to be temporary. Doctors believe he’ll eventually need a heart transplant.

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