First female chaplain now serving in the Missouri National Guard


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Captain Cassandra Schwartz became the first female chaplain in the Missouri National Guard on July 3, 2021.

Schwartz enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard in 1999. She served as a mechanic for nine years and explored the possibility of becoming a chaplain in 2007.

It was her family and education that led her life’s focus for the next eight years. She decided not to re-enlist when the time came.

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A master’s in divinity is required to become a chaplain. In 2011 Schwartz earned her Bachelor’s degree and began to feel the call to serve once again.

Schwartz came back in the military as a 2nd Lieutenant and chaplain candidate. It would be another four and a half years before she would see her vision of being a chaplain come to fruition.


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