‘An aviation nation’: NC pilots on mission to inspire next generation of aviators


North Carolina is being represented at 2021 EAA AirVenture by hundreds of local pilots. But a group from NC-86 flying club says their mission every year is to inspire the next generation of pilots. 

Among the 400,000 visitors at AirVenture, kids and teenagers flock to learn more about becoming a pilot and future jobs in aviation. The EAA Young Eagles program 

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Patrick Lofvenholm manages the Fixed Base Operation at Lake Norman Air Park. He told FOX 46 that his flight school promotes early learning. 

“That’s what we try to do as a flight school — spread the gospel of aviation. Someone said it best yesterday. We are an aviation nation”

Cory Johnson, a pilot with NC-86 flying club says his most rewarding moments in flying is seeing a young eagle earn their wings. 

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“As a member of the EAA, we’ve taken many eagle flights where we take kids up on their first rides and introduce them to the future.”

Parents in North Carolina should use this link to find the nearest EAA Chapter for a Young Eagles event. 

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