5 shot, one killed by gunman near scene of fatal Arizona fire


A chaotic shooting spree left one person dead and four others — including two EMTs and a fire captain — injured Sunday in Arizona, where a badly burned body was also pulled out of a house fire.

The bedlam in Tucson began around 3:45 p.m. when the 35-year-old suspect opened fire at an ambulance stationed at a park for an unrelated medical incident

There, the crazed gunman allegedly shot a 20-year-old male EMT behind the wheel of the ambulance in the head, while a 21-year-old female EMT in the passenger seat was struck in the arm and chest, authorities said. 

The suspect then drove up to the scene of a nearby house fire, where he fired multiple bullets — fatally striking a 44-year-old male resident in the head, authorities said. 

A 17-year-old fire captain was shot in the arm, and another neighbor was grazed in the head. 

“[He] just [kept] shooting one by one,” a neighbor who witnessed the mayhem told KVOA. “After he finished, I [saw] him loading it again. And the guy went, ‘Oh no stop,’ [but] he kept on loading and kept on shooting. He was shooting at the cops too.”

Meanwhile, a “badly burned” body was later discovered inside the burning home, and “two or three” children who lived there were initially reported missing, according to Tucson Police Department Chief Chris Magnus.

Monday morning, the children were found safe, KOLD reported

A few blocks away, a police officer responding to the scene encountered the suspect — who allegedly rammed his SUV into the cop car and opened fire once again. 

The officer returned fire, critically wounding the suspect, according to the chief. 

The officer was unharmed. 

The motive for the attack remains unclear. It also wasn’t clear whether the gunman knew any of his victims.

“This is a highly tragic, really horrific incident, with many unknowns,” Magnus told reporters. 

The male EMT was listed in critical condition and his colleague was in stable condition.


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