Man shot 60 times in revenge killing


A man was shot more than 60 times in a revenge killing in Giza Governorate, local media reported.

The victim, in his 50s, was killed by four men in revenge for killing their father 35 years ago. The incident dates back to the 80s when bloody fighting erupted between two families, in which the victim, who was 15 years old then, killed the father of the perpetrators.

In some parts of Egypt, particularly in Upper Egypt, the tradition of revenge killing, also called blood feud, obliges a man to take revenge for his father’s or brother’s murder by killing the murderer.

Investigations revealed that the victim was killed by a barrage of bullets by four masked men while he was walking on a roadside in Giza. Investigations found that the men armed with automatic rifles suddenly emerged and opened fire on him and fled the scene.

A hunt was launched by security officers to arrest the identified perpetrators. The investigation is underway by the prosecution.


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