‘You’re not hurting him’: Gravesite vandalized of Kansas City man killed 4 years ago


RAYTOWN, Mo.—A local family wants answers after their loved one’s gravesite was vandalized.

Jamon Morgan, 21, was shot and killed April of 2017 and buried at Brooking Cemetery in Raytown.

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“It makes me sad because this is where we have to come to get our peace. It kind of makes me feel like I’m losing my brother for a second time. We don’t know if this was random or this was a targeted attack,” said Deshana Reliford, the victim’s older sister.

Reliford said the family saved for 9-months to purchase the $3,000 custom headstone with a colored picture and designs on the back.

The headstone was not only knocked over, but vases were also broken, flowers were scattered, the headstone was tagged and even shot five times.

His gravesite was seemingly the only one damaged at the cemetery.

“We live our life, we don’t bother anybody. We don’t bother anyone. So, I don’t understand what would make you this angry. What is it? He didn’t do anything,” Reliford said. “I don’t see what you gain from it and I really don’t understand why you think you’re hurting him, you’re only hurting the people he left. We worked hard for this headstone.”

They say no one should have to worry about vandalism at their loved ones final resting place.

The damage is raising questions about area security and who should be responsible for fixing the pricey damage.

Staff told Reliford there’s no cameras throughout the cemetery and FOX4 counted seven entrances to the site.

“Why isn’t anyone patrolling. Why was this even allowed to happen? Who’s going to pay for this?” Reliford said. “If you were bold enough to do it, pay for it He has family and people that love him. We didn’t do anything.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism, or the unsolved murder are urged to call police.

FOX4 attempted to contact Brooking Cemetery management multiple times through email and phone. They did not respond to our request for comment.

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