Tazewell County Sheriff’s searching for more than 20 stolen street signs



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TAZEWELL COUNTY (WEEK) — The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help in recovering stolen street signs that they say can have an affect on the community.

Authorities say about 20 street signs have been stolen and to replace all of them will cost roughly $1,000.

“This also includes the treated posts they were attached to, the quick punch metal posts that they were attached to, those all cost money,” said Tazewell County Deputy Sheriff Nathan Hastings.

Besides the cost to replace them, while those signs remain gone, it creates problems for law enforcement.

“These road signs are what we use to navigate, especially in emergency situations for emergency responders to be able to get to somebody quickly,” explained Hastings. “Or if you were to be broken down or something was to happen any of the citizens in our area, that’s how you tell us where you’re at. So that’s why it’s important, yes they’re not our stop signs or our road hazard signs, but they’re just as equally as important because it allows us to get to individuals quickly in our response times.”

Hastings says so far they don’t have any leads, but if you’re caught with a sign the penalty could range from a misdemeanor to even a felony charge if the value is more than $500.

“You have people that are looking for specific roadways to get to their destination, if those signs aren’t there they will get frustrated, they could get lost and then that amps them up and could potentially make them drive faster because they’re running late now. We want to avoid all of those situations,” continued Hastings.

While the search continues for the stolen signs, Hastings did say they’re glad none of the traffic signs in the county have been stolen.

“Thank goodness for all of us it wasn’t anything like traffic signs or road signs that indicate curves coming up in the roadway. None of those were taken, it was actually just the road markers that indicate what road you are on and what road you are coming up to,” said Hastings.

If you have any information regarding the stolen signs you’re asked to call the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office or given them a tip on their mobile app. They say you can remain anonymous with the tips as well.

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