One dead and 5 injured at Detroit banquet hall shooting, the expanded child tax credit, mail woes persist


Six people were shot and one died from gunfire at a Detroit banquet hall early morning, according to Detroit police.

Officers responding to the Chalmers banquet hall around 2 a.m. said that more than 100 people were attending a gathering when shots were fired

The banquet hall is located near Chalmers and East Outer Drive.

Law enforcement is still putting together what happened and was unclear as to what prompted the shooting or if it started inside or outside.

The person killed was a man in his 30s.

Two men and three women were also hit by gunfire, but their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. 

Police aren’t sure how many shooters were involved and don’t have a description. We don’t have a lot of witnesses standing out here, giving us the story, and that’s what we need to know,” Commander Eric Decker said. “6 people shot, somebody lost their life and nobody is pounding our doors down to tell us what happened.

One of the victims was a 28-year-old wheelchair-bound man, the family said Described as an innocent bystander, he was allegedly caught in the crossfire. 

Nobody is talking, according to a preliminary investigation.


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