Residents hoping new White Water Center in S.C. helps small town boom again


GREAT FALLS, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Construction on a new White Water center is underway in one South Carolina town and residents can’t wait.

Todd Wright has lived in Great Falls, S.C. his whole life. When he looks at pictures of the General Store, he can only imagine what the new White Water express can do to the town.

“I remember all three mills being open and the knitwear,” he said as he tried to remember the lay of the land. . “I remember us having a Sears, a Belk, a western auto.”

New Whitewater Center being built in Chester County

That was 1970. Now, he’s ready for his small town to boom again.

With the White Water Express construction underway, it can again.

“We hope it’s going to be a lot busier.. that’s what we’re hoping for,” Wright said. 

A busy city thanks to White Water Express traffic would help Flopeyes Diner a lot. 

“More people coming in to eat breakfast, lunch, supper,” Wright added. 

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Flopeyes Diner has been around for 10 years and it sees decent foot traffic during the five days it’s open. 

Owner Nivein Hanna says she can only hope that more people would come to her diner by way of the Express. 

Her longtime friend Kathy Hinson agreed. 

“Its home. We’ve watched it grow up while growing up and it’s been different places, different things you know,” Hinson said. “But it’s always been something where when you come home, this is where you come, no matter what.”

That’s what she wants the travelers enjoying the attraction to see and feel when they get there. And maybe they’ll stay. 

“Hopefully, it’s going to explode to where we do need more help,” Hinson added. “It’s got the potential to put great falls back on the map where it needs to be. It’s our home and we want it to flourish.”

The facilities are currently planned to be completed within the next two years.


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