‘It’s time’: Heinz launches campaign to make hot dog and bun counts match


(WTRF) — It’s time to have 10 buns for 10 weiners, says Heinz.

The condiment company has launched the Heinz Hot Dog Pact, a petition to finally get “big bun” and “big wiener” companies to find a solution to the packaging mismatch “once and for all.”

“Hot dog wieners come in packs of 10. Hot dog buns come in packs of 8. WHY?!” Heinz said on its website. “As the condiment that has been bringing foods together for over 150 years, we’ve decided enough is enough.”

So why is the bun-to-dog ratio off?

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According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, when hot dog buns arrived on the scene, butcher shops sold hot dogs in varying quantities. Hot dogs’ current packaging didn’t occur until 1940, with manufacturers choosing the 10-pack formula.

“Today hot dogs are sold most often in eight or ten to the pound packs, but some are sold (in) other quantities as well,” said the NHDSC.

The reason why sandwich rolls, aka hot dog buns, come in eight-packs is that they are typically baked in sets of four in pans designed to hold eight rolls. While modern baking pans come in various configurations, the eight-roll pan is still the most popular.

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Fun fact: To break even, you’d have to buy five bags of eight-pack buns and four packages of 10-pack hot dogs.

The petition on change.org has reached over 3,000 signatures


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