Belton neighbor questions trailer park background checks after child predator arrested — again


BELTON, Mo. – There are new allegations against a Belton man who was previously convicted of child sex crimes.

Larry Register Jr. is now charged with second-degree attempted child molestation and first-degree burglary after police say he broke in a home and attempted to attack a young girl.

A similar crime previously sent him to prison for 15 years.

Child fights off attacker after he breaks into Belton home, police say

“In any case, when you’re dealing with a young child, your heart goes out to them. They are the epitome of somebody who can’t defend themselves. Our job is to serve and protect. When dealing with a young victim like that, it hits home,” said Lt. Dan Davis with Belton Police Department.

Register has been staying in Crown Trailer Park in Belton, and neighbors said they had no idea.

“I don’t have any children here, so it’s less concerning for me as it is for the neighbors who have kids. That’s not good,” said George Texter who lives nearby. “Down on this street, it’s a lot more kids. They get out here playing soccer and stuff in evenings. He’s right where he belongs. Shouldn’t have ever been back out in public.”

In 2003, Register was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl at a New Year’s Eve party. He was charged with statutory sodomy in the first-degree, which is a felony. He served 15 years in prison and was recently released in 2018.

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Neighbors like Texter are concerned about where Register was allowed to live.

“It baffles my mind, even though they’re on a registry. You’d have to go through the office to buy a place or whatever or maybe rent here. You would think that would show up somewhere. They are supposed to be doing background checks on everybody that comes in here,” Texter said.

It’s something neighbors like Texter said they would like answered and hope something like this won’t happen again.

The warrant issued by the court carries no bond, so Register is not eligible to bond out.


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