Housing and Homeless: Charlotte non-profit says transitional hotel will solve city issues


CHARLOTTE, .NC. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Community leaders in Charlotte said the city is in the middle of a housing crisis. Lots of people have been moving to the Queen City and now, many are getting priced out of homes and places they’ve lived for years.

Now, folks with Heal Charlotte are offering up a solution. Greg Jackson is hoping to buy a hotel near Sugar Creek Road and transform it into a 120 room transitional housing center for people who don’t have anywhere to go.

“We need to own something, we need to be able to open and close doors. This is the first step to us actually owning where we serve,” Jackson said.

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Jackson said he’s hoping to fundraise $10 million for the whole project. It’s a chance for people to invest in the community and directly help out those who need it. He said he’s seen this problem grow for years.

“They call it an affordable housing crisis. That’s what it is. It’s something that needs to be attended to right now- you don’t go to the emergency room to be attended to three days later,” said Jackson.

He said, homelessness and gentrification is an immediate problem, one that the city has been talking about but that’s it.

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“The ‘how’ is what’s important, not the “what” that we’re doing. We’ve been doing a lot of ‘what’ for years,” Jackson said. “The how is what needs to be given to the community, so we know how to help out, so we know how to bring our superpowers to this team.”

His how starts right here.

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