Motorcycle parade held for Mississippi girl with brain tumor


OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (AP) — A motorcycle club held a holiday weekend parade to celebrate a Mississippi girl suffering from a brain tumor.
WLOX-TV reports about 50 members of the Asgard Motorcycle Club held for seventh-grader Jami Mosley, who has a condition that causes abnormally large increases in her heart rate, in addition to the brain tumor.
“I’ve been doing really good. I just stay positive about it and keep my hopes up,” she said.
Her story brought in a fleet of motorcycle club members eager to meet Mosley and parade her down the streets of Ocean Springs.
The Mosley family was emotional about the event.
“These bikers and these guys have just been a true blessing,” her mother Patricia Owen-Mosley said. “We could never thank them enough. It’s like we feel like we belong now and like we fit.”
Jami Mosley said of the event: “It makes me feel loved a lot.


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