10-year-old plays dead after her sister and parents killed


 Three family members were shot to death in an apartment in southwest Houston overnight. During the incident, a brave 10-year-old girl called for help after playing dead.

Houston police reportedly responded to a shooting around 10:30 pm on Wednesday.

A mother, father and their 6-year-old daughter were all shot and killed in their home.

As reported by CNN, the families 10-year-old daughter called her grandmother to say she and the others had been

She was shot in her arm, near the elbow. After she was shot, she played dead.

The 10-year-old described the shooter as a man wearing a mask. He reportedly lined her family members up on the couch before shooting them each in the head.

“She said, ‘Granny, someone came in and shot me, my mom, my dad, and my sister, and they dead,” Angela Ervin said. “She was in the house for about 15 minutes with the bodies until we got here.’”

Family said the couple’s 1-year-old baby boy was also in the apartment during the shooting. He was uninjured, CNN reported.

“This is a very, very tragic scene. We’re sending out prayers to the family,” Assistant Police Chief Patricia Cantu said. “This was a very difficult scene not only for us, the officers, but the family as well. So we’re sending out prayers and hopes that anybody has any information.”

The Houston Police Department is still looking for the shooter. They did not have a suspect description or known motive.


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