woman shot and killed overnight in Kentucky


A 26-year-old woman was shot and killed overnight in Northern Kentucky, police now say.
Ashley Kilgore, of Covington, was found dead.
Police say she died of multiple gunshot wounds.
“It’s hitting me hard,” said Emily Kilgore, the victim’s sister. “I really can’t even just wrap my mind around it all. It feels like a dream.”
Ashley Kilgore’s family said she was a mother of six.
One of her children passed away previously. The other five range from approximately 1 year to 9 years old.
“It’s very unfair, because when they grow up they’re not gonna have a mom.
They’re not gonna be able to grow up with their mom,” Emily Kilgore said.
Around 2 a.m., officials with the Covington Police Department were called to the 2400 block of White Court in City Heights for reports of shots fired.
Investigators say they found Ashley Kilgore on the ground.
She was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, where she was later pronounced dead.
Police records say 26-year-old Edwin Brooks-Kellis of Covington was under the influence and shot Ashley Kilgore from his second-story window.
He was caught trying to drive away.
Police say he admitted to shooting the woman, told officers where the murder weapon was, in his van, and said he had a stolen gun at his apartment. Police do not know if or how the two knew each other.
Brooks-Kellis is charged with murder and receiving stolen property.
“I just hope he regrets everything that he’s done, and I hope that it sits on his heart heavy for the rest of his life,” Emily Kilgore said.
Covington police said after Ashley Kilgore was hit, a second shooter shot back at Brooks-Kellis.
That person has not yet been identified.
The shooting remains under investigation.


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