Pregnant mum kills boyfriend in YouTube bullet prank gone wrong


A pregnant woman has been arrested after she allegedly shot her boyfriend dead in a YouTube stunt gone wrong.

Monalisa Perez, 19, told police that boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III wanted to make a YouTube video of herself shooting at a book being held against his chest.

He had shown her a book that he had previously shot with a gun to prove that the bullet would not travel all the way through.

However, Ruiz died from a single gunshot wound to the chest when Perez fired the gun from about a foot away.

The incident, which happened in front of their three-year-old daughter, was caught on camera and police are now reviewing the footage.

Just hours before the stunt, Perez posted a tweet reading: ‘Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever HIS idea not MINE.’

Neighbours poured out into the street after hearing Perez’s screams following the shooting at their home in Halstad, Minnesota.

The victim’s aunt, Claudia Ruiz, said the couple played pranks and put them on YouTube.

‘I wish they wouldn’t have done it,’ she said. ‘I wish he would’ve just done another prank.

‘They were in love. It was just a prank gone wrong. It shouldn’t have happened like this. It shouldn’t have happened at all.’

In their most recent video. entitled ‘SCARY STUNTS’, the pair go to a funfair. Ruiz is seen laughing and smiling on a ride with his daughter.

The couple were together for five years.

Previous pranks on their YouTube channel have been harmless, like Perez tricking Ruiz into eating a donut with baby powder on it.

They are believed to have taken it a step further in the search for internet stardom.

Perez was taken into custody on manslaughter charges yesterday following the death of Ruiz on Monday.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.

Woman ‘murdered pregnant mother as she held her 3-year-old son’s hand’

A woman fatally shot a pregnant mother who was holding her three-year-old son’s hand.

Kiresa Cooper, 27, was charged with murdering 24-year-old Auriel Callaway, who was four months pregnant when she was shot and killed outside an apartment complex in Athens, Georgia on Monday.

Callaway was rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her unborn child did not survive the.

Police say the pregnant mother was an ‘innocent bystander’ during a fight between two groups that resulted in gunfire at the Clark Gardens apartment complex.

She was struck by a stray bullet while trying to protect her three year-old son, who she was trying to move to safety.Athens-Clarke County Investigators said they ‘do not believe Callaway was intentionally targeted’ in the shooting.

Standria Walker, Callaway’s sister, said: ‘(Callway) said, “I’m fixing to go, y’all. I’m taking my baby in the house.”

‘She got hit with her son in her arms and she’s pregnant. That’s my only sister. They took our baby away from us.’

ACCPD Chief of Police Cleveland Spruill said: ‘This reckless act of violence took the life of a young mother in her prime as well as her unborn child.’

‘Such senseless violence shall not be tolerated and all our investigative resources and tools were brought to bear to locate and apprehend the suspect.’

Prosecutors are expected to file additional charges against Cooper.

She is being held in jail ahead of her next court appearance.


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