Man ‘raped and murdered six-year-old stepdaughter while wife was giving birth


A man allegedly raped and killed his six-year-old stepdaughter before dumping her body in a river.

The unnamed stepdad is accused of waiting for his wife to go to hospital to give birth so he could carry out the horrific crime.

The alleged killer’s spouse was unaware he had previously been convicted for raping and killing his own mother more than a decade ago.

He was also accused of previously assaulting a three-year-old girl.

The man’s stepdaughter Ana Paula Soares Marx was found floating on the Preto River in Unai on May 16, some three days after she disappeared.

He was made an immediate suspect by police and was arrested shortly after the girl’s body was found with signs of violence.An autopsy revealed she had been raped and throttled, while her chest was compressed and her jaw broken.

The lungs showed no signs of drowning, suggesting she was already dead when her body was thrown into the river.

The girl’s stepfather, 34, was uncooperative with authorities during the initial search for the missing girl.

According to the police, when questioned about her possible whereabouts, he replied that ‘he would not give evidence against himself’, raising suspicions.

Relatives of the youngster told police that she never felt at ease with the suspect and had once before tried to run away from home, raising suspicions of sexual abuse.

Police later discovered the suspect had a history of crimes of a sexual nature, having been convicted of raping and killing his own mother in 2007.

A police report was also filed against him for forcing a three-year-old child to perform oral sex on him in his hometown of Sao Francisco when he was on temporary release.

According to the police, there was no evidence to suggest the victim’s mother knew of the suspect’s criminal past.

The suspect remains in preventive custody as the investigation continues.


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