Father raped his girl in her birthday


A father has been arrested for allegedly raping his own daughter on her 13th birthday.

He is said to have told cops that he conducted the sick act because he did not have enough money to buy her a gift.

Local reports said the unnamed father waited until the mum had left their house in the town of Chipaya, Oruro province, Bolivia.

But she returned and caught him committing the crime.

Local reports said that he threatened his partner so she would keep quiet about the incident.

But she alerted the authorities and the dad was arrested on suspicion of raping his own child.

The dad then allegedly claimed that he ‘did not have enough money to buy the girl a present’ so he decided to ‘give her his own gift.’

Police said an investigation is ongoing.

Oruro Equal Opportunities official Carmen Miranda told local media: ‘There was a sexual aggression against a 13-year-old girl and the sad thing is that the suspect is her father who took advantage of the victim while he was alone with her.’

The authorities are offering psychological support to the teen girl and her father is in police custody.


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