2 killed in shooting after track crash into home


Witnesses are recounting the chaotic moments after a man crashed a box truck into a building in Winthrop before fatally shooting two people and being shot and killed by police.
Officers responding to a report of shots fired and a large truck that had crashed into a building at the intersection of Shirley and Cross streets at 2:40 p.m. found a woman who had been shot and a suspect and another man who had been shot in an alleyway, according to Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty.
Robert Harrington said he was in the area when shots rang out.
“I heard the pop, pop, pop. I was hiding behind the car, because it looked like the Wild West,” Harrington said.
Delehanty said at least one officer shot the suspect, who was armed with two weapons.
The suspect, whose name has not been released, was taken to the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries and died at the hospital, police said. Both shooting victims were also pronounced dead.
An officer involved was taken to the hospital for evaluation, according to police.
Delehanty said no one was in the house when the truck crashed into it, and while the truck also hit another car before crashing into the building, the two occupants of that car were not seriously injured.
A preliminary investigation suggests the male suspect may have stolen the truck, which is owned by a plumbing and drain company, before crashing it and hopping a fence to get away from the area.
“I know that Winthrop is such a safe town, we’ve always took care of our people and it just scares me that something like that would happen here,” said witness Emily Norena.
One of the shooting victims was a retired Massachusetts state trooper, a source said.
No additional information was immediately available.


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