‘Blessing of a lifetime’ for Peoria woman


PEORIA (WEEK) – A helping hand went a long way for a Peoria woman.

A group called Porch Pantry Peoria and Glen Oak Towers employees teamed up to help someone in need move to the towers earlier this week.

Paula Rudd said she went from a shelter to a fully-furnished apartment at Glen Oak. She said it was the blessing of her lifetime. It also warmed the hearts of those who helped her out.

Glen Oak Towers provided Rudd with a one-year rent-free lease.

“When I finally got in and I came over here and saw all the beautiful things that they did for me, that was the best day ever,” said Rudd.

“Just like today is the best day ever, because to me it’s always the best day ever because I’m alive.”

Tammy Shock, property manager at Glen Oak Towers, was glad to help.

“We all have our hardships.. and so I’ve had my own hardships,” said Shock.

“So giving back to people like Paula makes it all worth it, she added.

Porch Pantry Peoria donated many appliances to get Rudd started.

Information about Porch Pantry Peoria can be found on the organization’s Facebook page.

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