Local family joins fight against mosquitoes by bringing new business to Bakersfield


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A local family has joined the fight against Kern’s annual nuisance, the ankle biters known as mosquitoes.

The family saw the mosquito problem and came up with their own solution: bringing a business to Bakersfield that can help. That business is called Mosquito Joe. 

“We just had a 1-year-old that’s walking around for the first time. We’re in the back yard and all of a sudden, he starts swatting around just like my wife was because we’ve got such a bad mosquito problem here,” said Co-Owner Billy Bright. “We looked around and found Mosquito Joe, an established company. We’re the fourth location that’s opened here in California.”

The family bought a franchise in the company, which creates a pesticide barrier around homes to kill mosquitoes inside while preventing new ones from getting in. They start by doing a perimeter check and placing granules around water drains to take care of the mosquito larva.

The pesticide is carefully sprayed to avoid flower beds and other locations that bees and butterflies use. The pesticide also kills ticks, fleas, and other insects like spiders that it would contact.

Co-Owner Jenifer Bright says people in Bakersfield should choose them over Kern Mosquito and Vector Control because they would come to your home more often than Vector would.

“I would choose us over Vector because we really come out to your property and give you a customized treatment for your yard specifically, and we do come out every three weeks,” she said. 

Bright also says the pesticide they use is EPA-approved and requires only 30 minutes to set before pets and people can be in the area.

One of Mosquito Joe’s customers is Nicole Lazzerini and her family. Lazzerini said she’s been happy with her experience with the company. 

“It makes a huge difference. I can sit on the patio now and watch (my kids) play and enjoy a beer, enjoy myself without swatting at my legs or wanting to go inside,” she said. “I don’t have to cover my kids in bug spray anymore.”

First-time sprays with Mosquito Joe start at $50 and you can also reach out to Kern Mosquito and Vector Control for a free spray, but you might experience higher wait times. 

For more information, visit mosquitojoe.com or call 661-427-2250.


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